Interfaith Open Table

Open Table - figures identified with different faith traditions reach to each other across a tableInterfaith Open Table Hawaii is an open forum to “encourage interfaith dialogue for mutual understand and building community partnerships.” The forum was organized in July 2000 by a committee consisting of representatives from the Protestant, Catholic, Unitarian, American Friends, Bahai, Jewish, Muslim, Humanists and those with no specific faith.

Interfaith Open Table meets the third Tuesday of every month, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The location is typically either First Unitarian Church or Harris United Methodist Church (please check the calendar.) Each month, one or more speakers address topics of interest to the interfaith community.

We also convene monthly Interfaith Conversations Windward at Pohai Nani Retirement Community in Kaneohe, first Mondays at 1 p.m. Programs feature presentations by a wide-range of speakers.

Participants are encouraged to also bring up social issues for better understanding, including those that may be controversial. In order to maintain as much openness as possible, it was agreed that Open Table would not take organizational positions, however community partnerships would be encouraged.

Attendee Bob Nakata, seated with other attendees, uses the mic at Interfaith Open Table
Interfaith Open Table November 2016 (topic: housing). Photos courtesy Thomas D. Lynch.
Moderator Catherine Graham with Kevin R. Carney, Jun Yang, and Fr. David Gierlach