Commission on Ethics and Public Life

Sister Joan Chatfield, M.M., Ph.D.

Sister Joan Chatfield, Chair

Commission Members

Joan Chatfield, M.M., Ph.D., Chair
Samuel Cox
Roger Epstein, Esq.
Fritz Fritschel

Goals and Activities

The strategic positioning goal of the Commission on Public Life and Ethics is to be positioned and recognized as a well known trusted voice in the community on ethical and moral values. In this capacity it will:

  • Promote and speak out on ethical and moral values.
  • Encourage, teach, and model ethical and moral thinking for individuals and the community
  • Voice concerns and opinions publicly applying ethical and moral thinking to current issues.
  • Unite the faith community and the public behind shared ideas of ethical and moral standards, avoiding divisive issues.
  • Publicly honor and recognize people who demonstrate commitment to ethical and moral values.

Membership is open. For more information, please contact Sister Joan Chatfield. Thank you very much.