Commission on Community Building

Commission Members

Ha‘aheo Guanson, Ph.D., Chair
Joan Chatfield, M.M., Ph.D.
Cecilia H. Fordham
Alan Goto
Paul Gracie, Ph.D.
Rob Kinslow
Irene Matsumoto

Goals and Activities

The strategic goal of the Commission on Community Building is to be recognized as mediators, peacemakers, and problem solvers, by offering a safe place to find solutions, objective interviewers/mediators, and promoters of understanding, fostering unity and transforming adversaries into partners. In this capacity, it will:

  • Promote peacemaking, problem-solving, understanding, mutual respect, and goodwill through facilitated interfaith dialogue, forums and other activities.
  • Plan, promote, and hold public meetings (which includes the annual meeting), in coordination with other commissions as necessary.

The content and objectives of the above activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy and solutions for common concerns and problems
  • Learning about one another
  • Promoting understanding and reconciling adversarial groups and/or positions
  • Seeking to anticipate and prevent potential conflict or violence
  • Serving as a channel for promoting joint religious services: annual days of prayer and meditation, and pastoral exchange.

Membership is open. For more information, please email Ha‘aheo Guanson. Thank you very much.