About TIAH

The mission of The Interfaith Alliance Hawai‘i is to provide a positive and healing role in Hawai‘i with people of faith, good will, and aloha, encouraging nonviolent civic participation, facilitating community activism, and challenging religious and political extremism.

Working for Religious and Spiritual Freedom in Hawai‘i

As the successor to the Hawai‘i Council of Churches that was founded in 1927, The Interfaith Alliance Hawai‘i represents a wide-range of spiritual and faith traditions. It is active in seeking social justice for all people in Hawai‘i.

Coalition of Faith Traditions

TIAH is a chapter of the Interfaith Alliance, a national organization which represents over 70 spiritual and religious faith traditions as well as agnostics and atheists, all committed to promoting cooperation around shared values and beliefs.

Countering Extremism

We work by exposing extremism and bigotry, challenging hatred, advocating for positive change, and working to educate the public and legislators on the importance of equality.

Committing to Peace and Justice

We believe change is possible through non-violent means and that peace can only be achieved when we learn to respect each other’s values and differences. We work towards eliminating the greed that fosters wars, corruption, and human rights abuse.

Creating Community

We stand for inclusion and diversity in American society. We believe in fostering a healthy dialogue by carefully listening and responding to the concerns of others. Our goal is to reinvigorate informed civic partici-pation, build alliance by discovering common ground among diverse organizations, and act as a positive voice for those who may be unable to speak for themselves.

Issues we have addressed

Separation of state and church, clean elections, death with dignity, opposition to legalizing gambling, juvenile justice and prison reform, marriage equality, homelessness and people in need, eliminating “ice” and addiction, living wages for Hawai‘i’s workers